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I am here now… to just pour out my emotion

Y its me?
I guess I was destined with all bad luck…
I am just breaking down, with No power of HOPE ….its totally lost.

I just can’t believe … how can I be so weak? But its situation which makes hardest of person to break down to this level, were in started feeling……….. “Why am I here?”

“Lessons learn t , but not able to implement”

No philosophy works in life..
Don’t  ever love anyone in life..
Try to live as u like
No person is worth of trust.
100% of people surrounding u will be selfish, its not easy to live between in such world.
Once, twice,thrice,…….the count goes ON….its number of times I have been bad luck(not for anyone..while for myself) hoping for the goood times I am fooling myself…  
We always live for others…. when just go back and see, u will not find single day u have lived for oneself.
I feel… I am born against God’s wish and that is why am punished in each and every step of life.
Whats my Sin?
Y is he so cruel to me?
How can he be so cruel?
Cruel is we humans and not God!
God can never be cruel to cruelest person too..
Is God just belief?
Do God Exist?
Sorry………………….very wrong question…who am I to question others belief?
But I do feel this life has to come to an end..
Please Oh God listen to this prayer of ur destined child and forgive me.

“I AM DESTINED CHILD with all bad luck.”

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