What you can do now

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When you feel the need to complain about the way things are, remember this. There’s something you could be doing right now to improve the situation.

Before you spend a lot of effort looking for someone to blame, look for ways to move things forward. Consider what you can now do to make a positive contribution.

There’s little to be gained by pointing out what is wrong unless you find a way to begin making it right. Instead of dwelling on the problems, focus on the opportunities they present.

Experience how much more satisfying it is to put your energy into moving forward rather than looking backward. Even when the situation is not at all your fault, the most effective option is to take responsibility.

What’s happened has happened, and no amount of finger pointing can change that. Quickly direct your attention to the many positive and valuable things you can do now.

Instead of being grumpy, be grateful for the opportunities that are now available. Choose to take positive action, and there’s no limit to the real progress you can make

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