The big temple(thanjavur) vs Leaning tower of Pisa

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On the right side is the leaning tower of Pisa a bell tower of the cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa, the construction occurred in 3 stages across 177 years ,the tower began to sink after the construction progressed to the 2nd floor, the design was flawed right from the beginning, foundation was weak, soil was weak, no soil test was done, the construction was stopped due to a war, this allowed time for the underlying soil to settle, otherwise the tower would’ve surely toppled , a piece of architecture , which people (even ) Indians consider a wonder, the tower is still under going structural strengthening even today ( started on Aug. 8th 1173 – 1372)

On the left side is the big temple (brihadeeswarar temple ) of thanjavur ,built by one of the greatest kings of India , (raja raja chola) and is one of the marvels of architecture, the temple tower is 216 ft high and is among the tallest of its kind in the world,an idea to build a mammoth temple like this is said to have occurred to raja raja while he stayed in eelam (sri lanka) as emperor, the gopuram(spire) was built over 12 years on a single .

Piece of granite weighing around 80 tons,there are no mountains around 100 kms in the surrounding range from tanjavore, which contains huge rocks, then where this stones came from? How it was been carried ? for centuries this temple has fascinated, historians, artists and travelers, for its architectural magnificence, it has been listed by unesco heritage list of historical sites, it is considered as the expression of the Tamil’s wealth, power and artistic expertise, but here people don’t even consider it as a site to go and see, built in 1010 ad and completed its 1000 year in 2010 ,
It is a living wonder
Sometimes we forget what we have and search outside.


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