Height of facebook addiction

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A boy’s status: i m online on fb during lecture hahaha 🙂

Comment frm his professor: Get out of da class nw :p

Dean liked comment! 😉

Friend commented: jaldi a yar, cafe mai fit mahol hy 😀

Gate keeperx cmnt:
Saab pehle idhar a k apni bike lock kr dn.

Mom cmnted:
nalaik class nhi parhni to sabzi le k sedha ghar wapas aa.

Dad cmntd:
dekhlo apne betay ki harkatein.

G.f cmntd: I hate u :-@ kaminay mjhse kaha tha dadi hospital mai hn mil nhi sakta.

Dadi cmntd: Manhoos tu ghar aa btati hun tujhe :p

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