World is round

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Dear Electricity,
They are just using you so that they can start me up.
Sincerely, Computer.

Dear Computer,
They are just using you to start a connection with me.
Sincerely, Internet.

Dear Internet,
They are just searching for me through you.
Sincerely, Google.

Dear Google,
They’re only using you to get to me.
Sincerely, Wikipedia.

Dear Wikipedia,
They’re just using you.
Sincerely, Home Work.

Dear Home Work,
They do you so that they can get me.
Sincerely, Marks.

Dear Marks,
They get you because they want to through me.
Sincerely, Exams.

Dear Exams,
They pass through you just so that they make me.
Sincerely, Money.

Dear Money,
They make you just so that they can pay my bills
Sincerely, Electricity.


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