Friendship in love may die, but love in friendship never dies.. ♥♥♥

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When everyone else turns away their face, a friend provides you his shoulder.

Many people start neglecting their friends when they are in a relationship. They go on listening to their partner and start distancing themselves from their friends.

The friends shed a silent tear and start staying away from their path. But, when the relationship begins to wane, you don’t have anyone else but your friends. ♥

That friend will still listen to you and will happily provide you with his/her shoulder to cry upon. That friend will never argue on why you didn’t call him/her or why you don’t give them time.

Friends are those amazing people who would always be there. When you have butterflies in your stomach after talking to your crush or when you need a shoulder to cry when your partner hurts you.. ♥

They would never let you do stupid things alone. I am so lucky to have friends who know the lyrics of the song in my heart and sing it back to me when I forget it.

Love your friends because they truly are god’s angels in disguise. ♥

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