The VIVA Story:

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EXTERNAL: (Asks some complicated question)

STUDENT (Thinks: WTF? I have never heard about this before! But I can’t afford to fail man! Gathers some courage and replies with utmost confidence): Sir, it DEPENDS!

EXTERNAL: DEPENDS? Depends on what? (With that wicked smile on his face)

>STUDENT($#!t yaar! Pata tha yeh poochega. Par mujhe iska bhi jawaab pata hai )

(Replies with a smile) : Actually sir, it depends on the ‘conditions’ on which it is being ‘operated’…(T hinks: Bach gaya yaar!)

EXTERNAL (A little perplexed): Like, which ‘conditions’?
STUDENT (Thinking: Abbey bas kar nah! Ab kya bacche ki jaan lega? Kya karun? Ab isko ‘confuse’ karta hoon!)

(Replies again with confidence): Sir, it depends on the specific case on which it is being applied. We can’t say anything in general for this..

EXTERNAL (TOTALLY perplexed and thinks, ‘kuch aur poochte hain’)
(Asks some other question) STUDENT: (Thinks: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!)
Now, after coming out,

FRIENDS: Oye kaisa gaya VIVA? Abey, kya poocha external ne?

STUDENT: Abbey, bahut accha tha, external bahut accha hai. Tension mat le, sab aasan sawaal pooch raha hai (Thinks: Bas paas karva de yaar!)

P.S: Such disasters can only be experienced in Engineering Colleges..Aur agar aap inn sab chhezon se guzar chuke hain, toh uss external ki kasam, Aap Engineer Hain!

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