A Funny Case Of Kiss And A Slap – must read it

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A Project Manager, His team member, An Old Woman And Her Young Daughter Are Traveling In A Train And During The Course Of Time Get Themselves Introduced To Each Other And Become Temporary Friends…   The Train Goes Through A Tunnel And It Gets Completely Dark…   Suddenly There Is A Kissing Sound And Then […]

MNC jeevanada dinacharigalu

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LOGIC illadene MAGIC maadu ennuva PROJECT MANAGER galu Company seruvaaga eneno heli, biduvaaga ALL THE BEST maatra heluva HR galu Namma badhukina banna kitkondu EXCEL SHEET ge banna baliyuva TEAM LEADER galu Variable pay ennutha confuse maaduva prathi thingala PAY SLIP galu CENTRAL JAIL thara iruva COMPANY COMPOUND galu Dhuddu kottare, DEVELOPERS iddare, yen bekaadaru […]

What Happens when a Desi returns from USA??

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1. Tries to use Credit Card in road side Hotel. 2. Drinks and carries Mineral Water and always speaks of Health. (proving to be very health conscious). 3. Sprays DEO such so that he doesn’t need to take bath. 4. Sneezes and says ‘Excuse me’. 5. Says “Hey” instead of “Hi”. Says “Yogurt” instead of […]