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1) If Sachin is god of cricket Gayle is God zilla
2) If today’s match were a computer game, Gayle certainly owns the cheat code
3) People who took Farah Khan seriously must be exhausted after RCB innings!
4) Chris Gayle was so brutal today that even Ripley’s won’t believe it….!!
5) OMG stands for “Oh my Gayle”!
6) Dekho baarish ho rahi hain.. its Gayling!
7) From today onwards, mothers in Pune would say “Soja Beta, Warna Chris Gayle aa jayega ”
 Gayle pays tribute to Late Shakuntala Devi with all those numbers.
9) Oxford just announced a new addition to the dictionary: GAYLED (n) – You are fucked beyond a point that you lose your self-confidence.
10) PWI are now demanding 50 overs
11) Bangalore’s IT companies will soon file a case against Chris Gayle for bringing the productivity down because cricinfo website open on everybody’s system.
12) One men screws other men is GAY !!! One men screws 11 other men is GAYLE!
13) The Govt of Karnakata has decided to change the name from Bengaluru to Ben gayle uru.

Courtesy RJ Punitha Acharya 

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