Biwi ki Kathaayein

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Normally A Man speaks 25000 words Daily & Woman speaks 30000.

But d Problem starts When Husband comes Home after finishing his 25000 words Wife starts her 30000


Law of equality


The time taken by a wife when she says I’ll get ready in 5 min is exactly equal to the time taken by husband when he says ‘I’ll call u in 5 min!


Wife = Where R u.?

Husband ?= I’m At “Bank”.

Wife = Wow thats good ? I need 20,000 ?? For new Cell Phone ,5,000 ?? for new dress ?, 6000?? for new shoes?, 4000?? for new purse?, 8000?? for my new cosmetics

Husband ? = Sorry , I mean  I am at Blood bank




Listening to wife is like reading the terms & conditions of website.

You understand Nothing, still you click

“I Agree”……!!


Wife: Suno ji, Doctor ne muje ek mahina aaram ke liye switzerland ya paris jaane ko kaha hai.

Hum kaha jayenge?

Husband: Dusre Doctor ke paas..


Papa : why is your mummy sitting silently today.

Son : nothing papa. She asked for lipstick and i heard fevistick.

Papa: (with tears in eyes) god bless you son.


Hubby Ke B’day Par Wife Ne Pucha-

Kya Gift Dun??



Tum mujhe Pyar Karo, Izzat Karo aur Mera Kehna Maano…Yahi kaafi hai…!!



(Kuch Der Soch Ke)

Nahin Main To Gift Hi Dungi.


I argued… She argued…

I shouted… She shouted and then she cried


Result: she won by duckworth lewis method

Chess is the only game in the world,

which reflects the status of the husband.

the poor king can take only one step at a time …

While the mighty queen can do whatever she likes.


Why do most indian women request 4 the same husband,

in the next life.?..

Arre..itni mehnat se trained kiya hai..

waste thodi jane denge!



This one will surely bring a smile.


Getting married is like giving

“Your own Supari”..


Materialistic world-


All Men are Brave,

Horror Movies don’t Scare them….

But 5 Missed Calls from Wife ..surely does


Whats Checkmate?


U tell ur wife I saw a lady, looked xctly like u”


wife asks “WAS SHE HOT..??”

U cnt say ‘no’

U cnt say ‘yes’

Dats Checkmate.!



Depressed Husband to his fat wife:

“You are my only investment, that has doubled.”

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